Call for Abstracts/Interventions

From 18-20 September 2024, the 10th conference of the Gender Studies Association Austria (ÖGGF) will take place at the University of Graz & Graz University of Technology on the theme of "Humans - Machines - Environments".

Humans – Machines - Environments

Since the 1980s at the latest, feminist gender studies have been asking to what extent the far-reaching developments in bio- and information-technology of the past decades have resulted in transformations of the social division of labour and gender hierarchies. This is suggested all the more by the dynamic interweaving of technological, social, and spatial phenomena and the constitutive importance that gender has in this constellation. Meanwhile, we find sociotechnical dynamics that are even more incisive, complex and contradictory: The omnipresence of digitalization and datafication, the advancement of biotechnologies, as well as the accelerated technological transformation of production, services, energy generation, and mobility – all of these call for the renegotiation of gender and the reexamination of technologies in social, cultural, and spatial gender contexts.

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